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New “citizen-scientist” tools are now available to help make intelligent use of data on national biodiversity that are now being gathered by citizen scientists. This includes the BBS (Biodiversity Information Serving Society) Network, a new website which provides a “one-stop-shop” for the discovery, collection, curation and distribution of data across many communities of interest.

While the research collected over 11,000 wintertime observations of bats, data were also gathered on the 3,000 live bats that were captured in the wintertime. The banding of bats allows for identification of new individuals. In addition, researchers know which locations bats are using for hibernation, which enables them to study the behaviors of these animals.

Most humans may not view bats as critically important, but for these mammals, they are, said Langwig. Although bats’ reputation as pests may be slightly overstated, their numbers are continuing to decline around the world, especially in developed nations. Not to take it too far, but a good case could be made that bats are the single most important species of vertebrate in terms of their ecological role, she said.

A good place to start is to learn more about your local bat species by checking out our Bat Services page on batcon.org. Research in 2016 could lead to cool and creative ways to bring people closer to bats. Scientists are working on ways to make ways to help bats and reduce diseases that affect their bats.

Most bats, such as the Indiana bat, are nocturnal (inactive during the daylight hours), and hibernate in caves to avoid the intense summer heat. (It is estimated that 30 million bats hibernate in caves annually.) This hibernation takes about 10 weeks, and Download The Bats go into a deep sleep until the temperature rises in the fall. It is crucial to the species that they awaken at the proper time, for when they emerge, the temperature is already too high. But because bats cannot sense infrared radiation, it is difficult to predict their emergence.

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The bat Myotis californicus is a subspecies of M. sodalis. It is a year round resident of caves throughout the Southwest, including in Maine. There is some controversy about the status of the bats as a protected or endangered species.

Bats have their own flavors of ‘Otter or Fish’! According to a study published in Science in 2017, both big brown and little brown bats, along with little black bats, fed on fish in the study area, which had the highest standing biomass of fish in the study. These include Atlantic salmon (salmon) from the Fipps Creek, anadromous (anadromous=born in fresh water and migrates to the ocean) Atlantic salmon, and Pacific herring (herring). Prior to the report, little brown bats were thought to eat moths, small flying insects, crickets, and beetles. Little brown bats have been known to feed on carcasses of mammals and reptiles.

Bats not only eat, they also breed! Maternal care of offspring, or ‘rearing’, is a key aspect of bats. Maternal care is typically thought to be important in the young of both birds and mammals, but bats are unusual in that they carry their young in a specialized sac, called a marsupium. Download The Bat mother deposits her fertilized eggs on a tree branch, where they are deposited in a cradle of hair. The mother only leaves the baby to feed when the baby calls for food. The babies are fed within the marsupium for the first few days, and the mother continues to feed the baby until it becomes capable of surviving on its own. The babies in myotis bats are able to feed themselves by sucking the fluids of their mother for a few days or weeks.

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

The Anura order, which has existed for over 160 million years, is a diverse group of over 1200 species, with a wide distribution across the Old World, Antarctica, and some species in temperate regions in North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

The Anura order is subdivided into two suborders: The Hyloidea, which includes the group of lungfishes and salamanders, and the Ranoidea, which includes all frogs and toads.

The Anura order is characterized by loss of the second pharyngeal, and by the development of the dentition into a pronounced rostral dewlap, although some Ranoidea toads have an eel-like body form and lack a dentition. 

Batting Bears is an app for Android-powered phones that allows you to record a video of a live, real-time k-9 sniffer dog training while simultaneously tracking its position on a map. The app logs and records video during the course of a search, giving you the details of each search.

One of the biggest wildlife conservation issues facing scientists around the world is the direct or indirect impact of humans on bat populations. Bats make important contributions to both human and nonhuman communities by providing public health benefits, pollinating crops and trees, maintaining ecosystems, and playing important roles in the pollination of some crops. Bats can also serve as an indicator of nonhuman biotic and abiotic environmental conditions. Research into conservation of bats is just beginning. There is still much to learn about how bats can be affected by human activities. Here, we review several examples of research on bats in association with several human activities.

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

  • the frequency tuning of the neurons at different stages of the auditory pathway
  • the influence of the attentional process on the processing of the stimuli
  • the selective or precise responses.

What’s new in The Bat

What's new in The Bat

  • A true one-year-old bat flu virus, of the H17N10 type, isolated from the brain of a bat found dead in the Kruger National Park (South Africa) (2)
  • The virus was sequenced (determined to be “typical” of what Bat flu viruses look like)
  • The virus was found to share about 75% identity with some human flu viruses that are typically associated with human flu outbreaks (types A, B, C and D)
  • A laboratory worker who also had a flu-like illness probably picked up the virus from the bat virus (The worker was experimenting with the virus in the lab; it is unknown how he became infected)

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