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Slack’s integrations with third-party apps and project management systems make it easy to integrate a drag-and-drop feature into any business project. With no coding experience necessary, even non-technical employees can add apps to a Slack workspace, allowing them to easily access all the information needed to run a project.

The team at Slack has been working to improve the app at almost every step of its development process. Just over a year ago, when the company launched its public beta, they only allowed users to keep one workspace open at a time. This was an easy way for Slack to gauge how well its product was performing before fully launching the app.

Slack is at the forefront of the chat revolution. Its uniquely focused on encouraging conversation rather than information sharing and requires no setup for end users. Its impact on how we collaborate will be huge and is the reason why Slack is now a part of billions of work lives across the globe. Any business, regardless of its size, can take advantage of Slack’s powerful collaboration features.

A the core of Slack is the message experience. Messages are messages. You can text, you can voice chat, or you can even video call anyone in the world with a supported browser, but theres no better way to communicate than typing. It takes out the ambiguity that comes with texting and demands that all communication be unambiguous. Its almost magical.

Slack is designed to make working in groups easy. You can create a public channel, a private channel, or a private group. Unlike other chat services, youre not restricted to a small number of friends for a conversation. You can create and invite more users than you would in your personal inbox or Facebook group. Groups can even be moderated.

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Slack lets you save time on projects with a simple system of message chains. Once someone sends you a message in the channel, the arrow next to your username turns green. You click on that arrow to view a list of all messages sent. Save time by typing or pasting the information you want by using automatic, Slack ID-based message chains.

If youre a fan of using Slack as a kind of private messaging service for your customers, you can use the Slack Direct Channels option to send private messages to individual customers. You can use Slack messaging to send them private information and reports so they can follow your progress as a business.

Slack is great for freelancers. You can create channels for each client so you can work directly on each jobsite as much as needed. You can also collaborate with other workers on projects from anywhere as needed, and send files back and forth instantly.

Slack is a tool for teams. You can use it to manage workflows and team projects. You can create channels for different projects or clients, and invite people to chat there as needed. It also makes collaboration simple, with only one client to talk to and collaborate on projects.

Slack lets you create private and internal channels to share documents, ideas, and market information with your colleagues and customers. Slack is the next best thing to having a personal secretary. You can forward an important email to someone privately or to a thread of fellow employees so they can discuss information thoroughly.

I am excited to see the growth of Slack, which has the potential to be a big game-changer in the business world. Slack helps you manage the busy lives of your employees and customers so everyone is on the same page, and communicates effectively on all projects.

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If your team uses Google Docs, Microsoft Word or any other apps you need, then you’ll love Slack’s apps. Get the apps you need for collaboration, like Asana, Jira, Google Docs, Dropbox, GitHub, Huddle, Zoom and more. You can add more apps with an API integration, or to get started quickly, you can use the preset apps. Apps can be pinned to the top of your workspace so you can access them wherever you need.

With search, apps and personalised channels, Cracked Slack is the best place to get work done. New workflows will free you up to focus on the most important work. Learn how to set up your own channels, collaborate through Git and more.

If you’re using Slack to collaborate and share information within your organisation, how do you feel about your privacy? Slack offers granular control for admins so they can control what your employees see — including being able to find and delete sensitive information like financial data, personal information and medical information.

The integrated and real-time information is what makes Slack strong. We believe that our users are our greatest asset. With that in mind, we built a large and ever expanding library of powerful integrations to connect you to all the systems you use daily. To find the “right” integrations for your business requires some time and testing. We are committed to working with you and fine-tuning the integrations list to better serve your needs. To that end, we invite all of you to contact us with feedback and requests.

Slacks UI has a clean and flat design that emphasizes the communication above all else. Slack, like all of our products, is built to scale, so every account can be a small group or a large enterprise. Learn more about our pricing here.

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Slack System Requirements

Slack System Requirements

  • Works on Windows, OS X and Linux
  • Slack API: supports the use of the Slack web API
  • Is discoverable
  • Is well written and clear
  • Appropriately tailored to the audience you are trying to reach
  • Does not come with a vast amount of bloat
  • Is fast to load

What’s new in Slack

What's new in Slack

  • You can now install apps in an organization (workspace) or within a workspace.
  • After a workspace is created, you can now install apps at the workspace level.
  • More granular permissions for admins to install apps
  • Workspaces are easily filtered on the admin dashboard to make it easier to find apps
  • Organizations now support team accounts and both Managed and Unmanaged Workspaces
  • You can now create apps in an organization
  • Powerful search and filters will be available on the admin dashboard, which let you find any app very easily.
  • You can choose to make apps default in your org (install them when new workspaces are created)
  • Workspaces are now easier to understand and named. For example, a team that needs many apps to collaborate can create a single workspace with many apps in it.
  • A new way to install apps at the workspace level
  • A few other bug fixes.

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