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  • November 21, 2022

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First, the FPS Economy claimed that it was important that users are able to use open source software. In addition, they argued that the use of open source software would allow them to ensure that their IT infrastructure would be able to handle open standards. Hence, the FPS Economy is using OpenOffice.

The following section provides a summary of the study. Table 1.1 shows the cost differences per user for the three different scenarios. As can be seen in the table, the most costs are saved when using OpenOffice.org without any support.

Multidisciplinary teams are a characteristic of large organizations. In this case study, teams included architects and software developers. In the case study, OpenOffice.org was chosen for its simplicity of development and use. In addition, for the architect, OpenOffice.org showed more flexibility than older office suites with respect to the nature of the documents required. The OLE automation protocol was a high priority, because it was required for the document retrieval functionality. For the developers, it was important that the documentation was clear and comprehensive.

As part of the ODF/Office Open XML initiative, we have been asked to make OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and to link to Microsoft Office products. This task requires much more then just adding support for OpenDocument files. We need to change the code of OpenOffice on many levels. In addition to the ODF file formats, we need to change the code for Microsoft Office compatibility. This type of task is a good entry point for people who like to do stuff. The more people who join the OpenOffice developer team, the more time and money we can save on the project. We need more volunteers, which means that you will not have to work long hours. So what are you waiting for? Join us!

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The FOSS (Free Open Source Software) community created OpenOffice and developed it initially for their own use before making it available to the general public, hoping it would grow and become a product and business. In its heyday, OpenOffice dominated the world of office applications, but that was a long time ago.

No problem. All software and licenses are available for free. LibreOffice is just a thin layer on top of OpenOffice. Offices main strength is the output and presentation tools, and quality control.

Where OpenOffice falls down is in the presentation area. Im not sure about other Linux office suites, but Im not aware of any programs for managing slideshows in OpenOffice. You can insert pictures in a presentation, but you will have to do it from the Pictures menu. If youre working in a presentation with, say, 20 slides, youll have to open the Pictures menu 50 times just to insert 20 photos. This is going to be very distracting during a presentation. On the other hand, themes are plentiful and, generally, very attractive. A little customizing, and you can create something thats perfectly tailored to your requirements.

This is not to say that LibreOffice doesnt have some attractive themes. But there are a lot of them to choose from, and all come with a number of complexity settings. Sometimes, you have to make choices about complexity settings, but overall, theres a fair amount of customization available. Just as in OpenOffice, there is a sidebar included in LibreOffice that looks out of place on a normal screen. But its functionality can be had via a later release.

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OpenOffice Description

OpenOffice Description

Since the adoption of OpenOffice.org was considered a strategic process, a thorough analysis was conducted. This analysis included the planning process of the project. Results showed that a gradual migration from the existing office suite was not feasible due to the number of users. In addition, the dataintegration of users into the open source office suite posed a greater challenge to the IT department, as is the case in other organizations. This process is characterized by the absence of any guidelines or instructions for this implementation. As a result, there was a high level of uncertainty, as the development and distribution of OpenOffice.org has evolved rapidly in the past years. We also found that the organization had already invested in the purchase of specialized tools and equipment for Office productivity. The solution implemented by the FPS Economy was to convert the functionality of the office suite of OpenOffice.org to a degree that allowed users to simultaneously use MS Office and OpenOffice.org. Furthermore, the users were first trained on MS Office to ease their transition. This transition was based on either a desktop-to-desktop or a server-to-desktop approach.

After the completion of the project, a more in-depth analysis was conducted by the FPS Economy to take stock of the experience acquired through the migration process. The following issues were identified as facilitators and barriers for the adoption of OpenOffice.org:

Organization of the help desk was done using a team of eight support technicians. The main activities of the help desk consisted of document conversion, document control and training. In the traditional office, a couple of support technicians have been handling documents for years. However, they lack the skills required to handle complex documents. Hence, the COSMOS project involved extensive training sessions for both the support technicians and the entire help desk staff. Two days were allocated for this purpose. Every support technician has been trained in OpenOffice.org, and all support staff was also trained in computer skills, as well as in OpenOffice.org. Moreover, two new support technicians have been added to the team. This was necessary because the traditional office was not capable of converting documents. Hence, it was decided that the use of OpenOffice.org should only be done for documents that could not be processed by the traditional office. The last training session of the COSMOS project was held in June 2008. It took two weeks to complete all training sessions, and an additional week to increase the level of skills in the help desk staff. It should be noted that each support technician has his own license and computer. The organization was the first Belgian government agency to provide a formal policy on the use of open source software. This policy appeared to be important, as the number of questions about the use of open source software increased considerably after the introduction of the policy. This was probably due to the fact that the policy was based on the open standards that are advocated by many organizations. The impact of the policy on the use of open source software by public administrations will be evaluated in future studies. To be able to evaluate the impact of the policy, the number of support calls will be evaluated after the introduction of the policy.

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What’s new in OpenOffice

  • Documentation: Re-factor of the Apache OpenOffice logo, changes in the License, transition to the the Apache Portable Runtime in OpenOffice Serial Key4, changes in the How To.

  • Core: New features: Copy style and comment fields, enhanced PDF document management features: new built in PDF print options and a new fillable PDF form generator, adds support for GEF-based new project template for Galileo and export of DHTML viewer.

    Java-runtime: Deprecate JVM 1.4 and 11, works in Java 7 and 8.

    Theme: Choose from a set of neutral and patterned themes for LibreOffice.

OpenOffice Features

OpenOffice Features

  • document formats: importing file formats
  • document styles: document styles
  • presentation tools: viewing and building presentations
  • spreadsheet tools: using spreadsheets

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