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AppTrans Pro Full Crack Download

AppTrans Pro Full Crack Download

Plus, AppTrans Pro is a free tool, but if you want to fully utilize its potentials, upgrade to one of its paid variants for commercial usage: ‘AppTrans Pro Commercial’, ‘AppTrans Pro Enterprise’ and ‘AppTrans Pro Business’. Luckily, AppTrans Pro offers paid options with which you can transfer your records smoothly and get 100% satisfaction while enjoying the benefits of service upgrades.

So, it is totally a good time to try AppTrans Pro now, and you will be astonished by its simplicity and usefulness. Importantly, AppTrans is also a safe tool that ensures your personal data are 100% safe. Not only that, but AppTrans also helps to transfer texts, calls, contacts, apps and bookmarks in a brand new device easily.

To empower the digital lives of people all around the world, AppTrans is developed by a team of users-focused developers and security and privacy experts. It is a feature rich data management software which helps users transfer their app data from one phone to another. If you are using a second-hand phone, AppTrans makes it easy to backup the apps of your new device. So that you can easily restore it to your previous phone.

The new AppTrans offers so many amazing features that it is definitely worth trying. This software is available in a one-time cost of $ 19.99

AppTrans is the world’s first free data transfer software for iOS & Android app data transfer. Also, it can make transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and backup and restore other popular social apps including Viber, LINE, Kik and WeChat.

In the world of technology, it is not always the best being the cheapest. A lot of companies are overstretching with the promotion of their services and care less about the customer’s satisfaction. So in such a scenario, one can try a trusted app transfer software for Android/iPhone. We have tried many of them and currently prefer ShareIT, 2Checkout, and 2Checkout for iPhone.

It is safe to say, you will get your money’s worth when you try AppTrans Pro. So what are you waiting for? Download & AppTrans Pro

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AppTrans Pro Crack Download + With Activation Code

AppTrans Pro Crack Download + With Activation Code

One-tap transmission of data and apps between Android and iOS devices : AppTrans can transfer WhatsApp chats from your old Android phone to new iPhone, or the other way around. Which means you can export WhatsApp data on Android phone and import it on iOS device. No matter you want to import or export data from Android phone to iOS phone or vice versa, AppTrans Pro has all the tools for you. Moreover, data transfers can be initiated on both ends at the same time or individually. Also, users can set an export threshold for data on their own, ranging from 50% to 100%, so that some data can be eliminated without losing important items.

Even if youre using the smartphones of another manufacturer, AppTrans Pro can efficiently backup iPhone and Android apps of any brand. When you have more than one phone, AppTrans lets you merge the WhatsApp chats of old and new account on your iPhone and Export WhatsApp data and easily import to your new iPhone. This feature enables you to clone your old WhatsApp data without losing data from your old account on a new phone.

As the name suggests, AppTrans Pro Download Free can transfer WhatsApp contacts from your old iPhone to new iPhone. It lets you start transfer contacts simultaneously on both Android and iOS devices without waiting for one to finish. Moreover, it also supports the transfer of the WhatsApp app data.

AppTrans Pro can also make backup of WhatsApp data and then transfer it to different Android and iOS devices. Also, you can transfer your WhatsApp contacts to any of your new iOS and Android devices.

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AppTrans Pro Windows Full Version Full Crack Licence Key

AppTrans Pro Windows Full Version Full Crack Licence Key

Backup, restore, transfer, and transfer your apps with their data on your iPhone or Android Phone. It may back up apps and their data to iTunes, Google Drive, Cloud storages, computer, or any mobile device (other than iOS). This powerful software can help users backup apps and their data, or restore apps and their data from the backup created by AppTrans.

If you change your phone number and wish to merge WhatsApp conversations between your old and new phone, it can help. Install the AppTrans Pro program on your new phone, and then connect your computer to your old phone via USB. Back up your WhatsApp account with the AppTrans Pro program, and then transfer the backup files to your computer. For the apps that youve installed on your new phone, they will be transferred to your computer and be ready to use from there.

You need to back up apps and app data on your Android with APK or IPA files. And you can also backup them to your PC with the help of the AppTrans Pro program. Backup apps and games on Android and transfer them to your computer with the AppTrans Pro program. After that, you can make the switch to a new device with ease without worrying about losing your apps. You can even restore them from back up files, which will be stored on your computer.

Need to restore apps and data from iTunes or Google Drive to your Android. With AppTrans, youll be able to do this quickly. Download, install, and restore apps and data from iTunes or Google Drive to your Android device. Or simply transfer all your apps and app data back and forth to your PC.

As the title suggests, AppTrans Pro is specifically developed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android users who want to transfer WhatsApp data, or backup and restore almost all types of data from one Android/ iOS device to another.

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AppTrans Pro Features

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Toolbar colors allow you to preview items before exporting
  • Copy data in JSON format
  • Support for any iOS version
  • Improved performance
  • AppTrans Pro supports iOS 12

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Fresh New UI
  • Cleaner and more intuitive UI
  • New functionality
  • Bug fixes

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