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  • November 22, 2022

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VirtualBox is an application that can run applications inside a guest operating system (inside the guest OS of the virtual machine) from the host operating system (the actual operating system the user is running on the physical computer). You can run the software of any operating system of your choice in VirtualBox by using a few clicks.

The VirtualBox management console allows you to manage multiple virtual machines from the same control panel as if they were real computers. This reduces the complexity of running multiple operating systems on a single computer.

VirtualBox has many of the features that other virtual machine software solutions offer, but VirtualBox provides the most advanced support for running multiple operating systems simultaneously, including Windows and Linux. This allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single physical computer. Also, other virtualization solutions require you to stop working to install a new virtual machine. VirtualBox is designed to automatically install the new virtual machine after every change to any of the virtual machines running within VirtualBox.

VirtualBox allows you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single physical computer. This means that when you choose to run a 32-bit Linux operating system, the whole computer is not full of 64-bit Linux operating system. In this case, you can choose to selectively share the resources of a single physical computer.

Also included in VirtualBox 6.0 is support for automatically repartitioning disks when adding or removing a file system, such as for large magnetic disk volumes. The new partitioning wizard is similar to that of other partitioning products. The system also can create clones of virtual machines, so any changes to a virtual machine are automatically propagated to any clones.

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The fourth and final choice on the Display menu is Host Graphics. When you enable this mode, VirtualBox uses your Mac’s screen or display for itself. A display typically uses a single, large screen in either 1920×1080 or 2560×1440 resolution. You can use your Mac’s display for a VirtualBox guest machine, but you should remember that the guest’s resolution may be limited. If your Mac has a 1GB-plus graphics card, Lifetime VirtualBox Version won’t be able to use more than about 1024×768 or 1280×1024 of its screen.

VirtualBox lets you create, boot, and manage virtual machines—much like VMware Fusion or Parallels, but it has many more features. VirtualBox is compatible with a far wider range of Windows systems than VMware Fusion, including the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 14393). You can also create more flexible boot systems, such as Windows SecureBoot, with VirtualBox. Unlike VMware Fusion, VirtualBox lets you run multi-monitor, multi-GPU setups.

Although it’s not free, VirtualBox is open source. That makes it possible to code your own versions. In February 2014, I wrote a documentation page which describes how to create new, custom Linux and Windows guest VMs.

If you have a Retina display MacBook Pro and you click Start in VirtualBox, VirtualBox’s interface opens up a tiny window. There, you’re expected to have loaded the Windows desktop virtual machine file onto your Mac. If you did this, but failed to perform the extra step of putting the virtual machine on your Mac’s Applications folder, then you may not see the expected results when you run Windows for the first time.

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What’s new in VirtualBox?

What's new in VirtualBox?

VirtualBox Extension Pack is an update tool for the latest VirtualBox. VirtualBox is free, open source and is commercially available as a standalone product or as part of Oracle Solaris x86 virtualization solution, Oracle Linux x86 virtualization solution or a Oracle Solaris ZFS virtualization solution. It is also available as part of the Virtualization and Virtualization Solutions software bundle from Sun Microsystems.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is free software with support and maintenance on a wide variety of hardware running any of a number of operating systems. The VirtualBox community also contributes in a variety of ways, both to the software itself and to the Open Source movement in general.

VirtualBox is free software that provides you with a fast, flexible and reliable way to create, prepare and run computers. Its ease-of-use and high performance make it a suitable tool for many situations.

VirtualBox is the leading Open Source software for creating, running and managing virtual machines (VMs). VirtualBox is an excellent solution for compatibility testing. The basic version of the product is free and is available under the GNU Public License. The easiest way to get started is to read about using this version of the product. The most recent free version of VirtualBox is 6.1.

VirtualBox is free and open source software, available under GNU General Public License (GPL). VirtualBox is fully compatible with Sun Microsystems’ Solaris 10 and its OpenSolaris operating system. The software is currently available for i386, amd64, and ppc64 platforms.

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What’s new in VirtualBox

What's new in VirtualBox

  • New serial port emulation drivers, allowing PCITM devices to use a serial port emulation driver.
    This is only required for new USB PCI devices which don’t use standard USB emulation.
  • Correctly detect the maximum number of remote desktops and the associated amount of remote desktop memory that can be allocated for each.
    Fixes for “Failed to allocate RDPROD memory”.
  • Network: Various fixes and improvements for iSCSI and T&P, and better support for virtual network IP configuration.
  • Usb: Add IPX and IPv4 support to IPv6 DirectIO code.
  • Networking: Fixes for “Checking if card is in standby mode” bug.
  • Developer tools: Fix for long method names in the new.NET tools.

VirtualBox Features

  • VirtualBox guest support of PXE (preboot execution environment) via the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) protocols.
  • VT-x (Intel) and AMD-V (AMD) hardware-assisted virtualization support (Intel only)
  • support for Xinerama (X11 server extension to allow applications to display on more than one monitor) on Linux hosts. However, this does not work in VirtualBox using the proprietary 3D video driver (VDPAU) on some Linux hosts such as Intel and NVIDIA.
  • support for XvMC video extension (X11 server extension to provide additional video extensions that allow applications to display video in a window on top of another window) on Linux hosts
  • New VT-d (Intel) and AMD-V (AMD) hardware-assisted virtualization capabilities
  • Guest memory allocation (VMX/SVM) enhancements in 64-bit mode
  • The VirtualBox team announced and released a new vboximg-mount utility that allows macOS hosts to access the contents of the guest disks.

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