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BTW, if you liked this series on the basics of using Adobe Camera Raw and the Lightroom Classic editor, you might also like this mini-series on the basics of using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic:

I hope you have enjoyed the basic principles and why and when you should use Adobe’s developer or LensAlign rather than Sony’s developer. These articles would be important to look at if you ever decided to move to one platform from the other.

You talk about LR CC/Cloud only version and half baked PS delayed with more than year and still in beta Is this ultra mega functional unmatched apps you are talking about
So if you are happy with this releases I am ok! But this is very far from – Then show me what other brand can do what Adobe can, on other gadgets than iPad pro and the computer – Just for example Affinity is FULLY functional on iPad loooong before Adobe and cheaper!
So it is really what suit your workflow and no such thing as – no one else can do it…….
And actually many people could not care less about iPad release since they have no i-devices, and on android this apps are jokes most of the time. And they are non-existent on linux.
I am still waiting to see Premiere on mobile devices and AE.
Oh wait they first need to make AE actually using computer hardware efficiently.
Or maybe they also need to improve LR local adjustments with something else than hue/color replacement

Sony IE as RAW developer is very basic tool and absolutely disabled for serious work.
Highlights recovery is veeery basic! Absolutely does not matter what options you will use from the menu standard or advanced – highlight color distortion recovery menu! Color/luma distortion is very big and almost nothing could be recovered.
Also it creates very bad banding in color/luminosity rolloff/gradients.
It provides almost no benefits in work with RAW files compared to sooc jpg!
Free C1 express is muuuuch more advanced tool and actually useful for work.
And there are tons of legal topics on how and what data they will use from your files, camera, Computer and so on.
So it is more like Sony free user data statistic/AI training platform than useful RAW developer.
For me it really looks like they have put some kind of computer based version of their jpg engine. Rather than full RAW developer functionality.

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The previous release of the Camera Raw plug-in was released in February of last year. Since then, there have been updates, improvements, and enhanced features. In January, Adobe introduced a number of enhancements to the release of the plug-in. Some of the features include: a new Camera Calibration tool, a new Lens Profile tool, and enhanced Lens Correction and Lens Profile sample images. This version of Camera Raw adds a few more tools and enhances the ability to save camera and lens profiles directly to an image.

The Adobe Camera Raw plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC, Version 4.0.1, is now available. What new features can you expect? Well, a few such as: added the ability to save focal plane distortion profiles and lens profiles directly to an image; some improvements and updates to the lens profiles; a few other new tool options; and a small performance enhancement and bug fixes.

The latest release of the Adobe Camera Raw With Crack plug-in is available now. In addition to the new features and enhancements introduced in this release, it also includes a number of tools that have been enhanced with the newly added Lens Profile sample images. Other new tools include a Lens Profile tool that helps you remove geometric distortion; an Exposure tool that helps you balance exposure; and a Lens Profile tool that helps you control vignetting.

Adobe Camera Raw is the first Adobe Photoshop software to feature Built-in Leveling. This new technology automatically levels an image without the need for a separate adjustment. See examples below for how to use the camera, lens, and exposure controls with Image Sharpening, Lens Correction, and Brightness / Contrast.

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Main benefits of Adobe Camera Raw 14.5

Main benefits of Adobe Camera Raw 14.5

The new Guided Edit feature enables you to work with layers in Camera Raw. You can either work with a single layer, or with up to seven layers. The layers are represented by the layers of the image in the Arrange window. You can either use the new layers dialog to display the layers, or by using the layers tool to select a range of layers. The Guided Edit feature uses to polygonal wave of pixels as a preview. You can drag the preview to get the zoomed level, and you can also adjust the quality of the zoom. The new Guided Edit feature also comes with several new styles and preset options.

Finally, I love when we can use a single photo or image across both mobile devices and computers in Adobe Portfolio on the web or on Android. In version 14.5, users can now choose to expose their mobile photos or videos to the exact settings used in Adobe Portfolio on the web on any desktop computer. This in combination with Adobe’s built-in Android support for Mobile, Tablet and Smartphone photography , makes it almost as easy to create or enhance mobile creations on the go.

That’s all for this week. We hope that this has helped you to make better photographs with your camera. If you have any other questions or comments about this week’s articles, don’t forget that you can reach us at [email protected] or our Twitter feed.

Non-Essential Claim means a claim of a patent, whenever and wherever issued, that Adobe has the right to license without payment of royalty or other fee that is unavoidably infringed by implementation of the DNG Specification. A claim is unavoidably infringed by the DNG Specification only when it is not possible to avoid infringing when conforming with such specification because there is no technically possible noninfringing alternative for achieving such conformity. Non-Essential Claim does not include a claim that is infringed by implementation of (a) enabling technology that may be necessary to make or use any product or portion thereof that complies with the DNG Specification but is not itself expressly set forth in the DNG Specification (for example, compiler technology and basic operating system technology), (b) technology developed elsewhere and merely incorporated by reference in the DNG Specification, or (c) the implementation of file formats other than DNG.

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Adobe Camera Raw 14.5 System Requirements

Adobe Camera Raw 14.5 System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.10
  • 2.0 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core CPU (2.7 – 3.6 GHz)
  • 4 GB of memory (8 GB is recommended)
  • 4 GB free hard drive space
  • 15.4 MB of disk space for the Adobe Camera Raw installation folder
  • If you have Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard you will need to have the Adobe Camera Raw app updated to version 2.2 or later
  • If you have Mac OS X 10.6 Lion you will need to have the Adobe Camera Raw app updated to version 2.3 or later
  • Also, macOS 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion are not supported

What’s new in Adobe Camera Raw 14.5

  • support for Sony’s α7 and α7R cameras
  • expanded compatibility with many professional camera models, lenses and even firmware updates
  • new user interface for workspace, menubar and menus
  • improved performance and performance monitoring
  • improved speed and usability of opening and exporting dialogs
  • improved UI design and layout

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