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  • November 27, 2022

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In order to use the cloud for endpoint management, the company has to assess and possibly modify its existing server platform to suit a cloud delivery model. If a cloud delivery model is not practical, the company can purchase the same endpoint management product that they already use but add enhanced features to the existing cloud management layer. In this way, the cloud is never deployed unless it provides a compelling advantage over the traditional, on-premises product.

Using a cloud deployment for endpoint management is the smart approach if it can give you enterprise-class protection that will last. To achieve this, the solution must support a variety of deployment models, including on-premises, hosting, public cloud and private cloud. It must provide strong security controls and management features as well as compliance and regulatory requirements. It must also retain features that allow you to centrally manage all your endpoints and provide a single view of endpoints from the server, applications and cloud. Additionally, it must provide effective reporting, visibility, threat and compliance management, and it must support mobile device management.

To be successful in an on-premises enterprise deployment, the on-premises software must integrate with the cloud management solution, giving enterprise-class protection for the entire environment. This integration can be a challenge for companies that already have a robust on-premises policy and management solution. The problem is that the on-premises software must be well-integrated into the cloud management solution to work well together.

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A new web server capability simplifies access to Symantec products and services and allows you to access Symantec technology resources from anywhere. With the easy, intuitive, web-based user interface, you can quickly and easily configure and manage Symantec technology resources, automate repetitive tasks, and get fast and accurate Symantec products and services performance information.

Microsoft integrated support helps you easily deploy and manage solutions in the Microsoft Azure environment. You can deploy a variety of Symantec Endpoint Protection technology and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint App solutions in the Azure environment with the Azure “Add-On” feature. This capability helps you get up and running fast in your cloud environment with a minimum of extra effort.

In addition to the “essential” security updates added to non-patchable updates, you can now download the updates for the most vulnerable (including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2). You can apply the enhanced update by yourself or in a manufacturing environment with the Symantec Securitey Management console.

Virtual machine deployment and management capabilities enable you to deploy virtual machines (VM) such as Windows Server, Linux, Mac OS X and VMware on Windows platforms. If your organization relies on these different operating systems to perform different business functions, you need a solution that supports them all. Symantec Endpoint Protection now can integrate with Symantec Management Suite to deploy, monitor, and manage your virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud.

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Main benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection

With Symantec Endpoint Protection, work is not left idle. Alerts notify administrators when they’re needed, and SEPs’ integration with existing security infrastructure allows you to quickly respond to threats.

The Symantec Endpoint Protection platform is available only through third-party providers. Pricing varies across these Broadcom partners and is based on the number of endpoints youre protecting. Since SEP is on-premises software, Symantec cloud pricing is not included unless you opt for Broadcoms SES Enterprise or SES Complete offerings.

Implementing Symantec Endpoint Protection Download Free requires Broadcoms Security Event Subscription and SEP Agent Server offerings. As a Broadcom partner, Symantec can provide you with a year of SEP Agent Server and SES Enterprise/Complete subscriptions.

Critically, you will not be entitled to receive important product and security content updates that sustain Symantecs 5 Layers of Protection. This means that your Endpoint Protection installation and your organizations security become vulnerable and exposed to unknown risks.

Symantec also offers custom bespoke on-premises and cloud-based security services to offer you the best protection against unknown threats. Symantec is a trusted leader in security services and we deliver a wide range of security solutions that help you secure your enterprise IT infrastructure and protect your people, data and applications from a range of targeted and advanced threats.

This is our first testing ground of Symantecs Endpoint Protection solution and we will be publishing more performance related assessments soon. The goal of this is to show that Endpoint Protection is not only different from traditional security software but its also more effective on various different environments. In the future, as companies continue to deploy SES E‑P, you can expect to see in-depth performance studies and engineering assessments of the platform.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

  • Configured with different policy based on scenario, functionality and business policies to maintain confidentiality and integrity of the data
  • Easy to use features, single step configuration, setting up firewall and antivirus software to protect your system and data against malware,ransomware and spywares attack
  • User defined fire wall policies, specify and control exceptions and multiple firewall rules to secure End point and Off site connected network ( where it is needed)
  • End point is defined with multiple protocol for user defined support according to business use case
  • End point can be defined with multiple operating system and device
  • Network isolation and protection for company gateway and WAN gateway to protect from a breach in the internal network ( like email attachments, website attacks and unauthorized access to the internal network)
  • Application level protection, protect applications from a breach in the network,by application level protection. This feature provides level of protection for applications like MS office, SQL Server, JDBC connection, Citrix, VPN.
  • IDS and IPS, provides active protection to your network layer, network connections and host services

Symantec Endpoint Protection System Requirements

Symantec Endpoint Protection System Requirements

  • Symantec’s Endpoint Protection product requires a processor running at 2GHz or faster
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 or later is recommended.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Activation Code

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Ultra Registration Code

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